Getting Started

How does Styletorch work?

  1. Simply sign in with your email address, your Facebook or Twitter Account
  2. Choose some Styletorchers, celebrities and brands of your interest.
  3. You‘ve found what you are looking for? Why don’t you go shopping? Styletorch connects you directly with more than 300 online stores.

Will Styletorch charge any money from its users?

No! Styletorch is completely free of charge!

Is Styletorch an online store?

No. Imagine Styletorch as a huge fashion catalogue where all the best online stores, with all they have for you - are presented on one page. When you find a product that you really like, you can easily click to safe it, share it or buy it. When you click to buy a product then Styletorch will automatically direct you to the online store where you can buy your desired product.

How can I change my profile information?

Go to "My Profile" and select the "Edit profile" function. Now you can edit your profile information.


What is the „Heart-Button“ for?

The "Heart-Button" allows you to mark and collect your favourite stories, items or brands. All these items will be added to your profile. This is how you create your wish list.

What is the „share“ button for?

By using this button you can share stories, items and brands on your social media channels.

What is the „My Profile“ page?

On my „My Profile page“ you can edit your profile information, upload a photo and link to your blog or homepage. Here you can also see your, your followers and the items you liked.